In this sample, I had the opportunity to work with bullet dynamics within Lightwave 3D 11.6. It was important that the scale was set properly to achieve the correct deynamic reaction. The model was built using kilometers as the grid value which allowed for the "huge" megalithic reactions with particles and collision events. After rendering a few passes of separate elements, such as levels of debris and the larger pieces; I brought those elements into After Effects and enhanced the appearance with some cool lens flares and adjustment layers. Sound effects added to the intensity of the scene.

This is an example of my modeling,texturing and lighting ability. It was created using 3DStudio Max.

Logo created for KISS tribute band. The logo element was created using Lightwave 3D. The fire footage was projected on to the model using a polygon projection and rendered out at 720p. This element was brought in to Adobe After Effects and composited with the fire, smoke and sparks footage.

A promotional video I created using Lightwave 3D to model out the product. At the time of the making of this product kicker, all that exists is the prototype. The model is built from designer specs.

Filletzall logo treatment for the company's most recent promotional demo. This is created in adobe after effects with very minimal effects plugins. I used mainly Video Copilot Lens Flares.

This logo was created first in Adobe Photoshop and converted to a 3D layer in After Effects. A second composite was made using CCParticle storm in another 3D layer. A text layer was added over the logo 3D layer and Video Copilot's "Saber" plugin was added. Using masks and animating the Saber plugin created the effect. Sparks footage was used to enhance the effect.

This logo was created for the client as an intro/outro to the company's product instructional video series. This one was more complex in creation and required several renders and further processing to arrive at this final. I used Lightwave 3D, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects.

As all artists do, I like to experiment and test new skills. This is one such project. As part of the ground work to a potential cinemtatic film, this render was created in Lightwave to test camera motion, lighting and texture mapping. A future planned rerender will include space vehicles as well.

This is an intro to a podcast series for Faith Bible Church of the Woodlands, Texas. I was created in Adobe After Effects. This was one of my first contracted pieces of work in motion graphics. I also composed, performed and recorded the music track as well as performed the narration.

This is an outro for Faith Bible Church's podcast series. Created in Adobe After Effects. All narration and musical audio tracks were performed and recorded by me.

This video was created for a Christmas sevice for Faith Bible Church of The Woodlands, Texas. The intro and outro were created with Lightwave 3D and all other images were stills animated in Adobe After Effects. I was also responsible for the audio recording and editing.

A tag for my own work on more recent projects. This is more aimed at the art of the effect!

Similar to the previous, I originally used this for a performane clip. I try to do something extra with my footage, like a signature. I love special effects so this gives me opportunities to sharpen my skills.

This was eye candy. Nothing more. I did it for a band I was in.

This was a school project. It was actually an animatic in which we were to pitch a 30 second commercial. It is a composition of animated still images. The scene with the woman looking out of the window is a composite of a woman who was looking out of her bedroom window and a model I made of an airliner window in Lightwave 3D,

I am working on assets for a story that I hope to pitch one day. I am essentially creating all of my 3D assets to make a movie trailer. This is a rig test for a thruster system of a space craft. There will be more posts like this in the future. The model was created in Lightwave. This is by no means a finished product.